Thursday, March 24, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Reach New Heights

Target has a lot of new items for doll play.  I bought two,
Reach New Heights (rock climbing gear)

Roll With Me (inline skating outfit) $12.99.  

Reach New Heights consists of 1 shirt,1 pair of pants, 1 helmet, 1 climbing harness, 1 clothes hanger and 1 pair of shoes.  The shirt is made of stretch material (like a swim shirt) and closes in the back with elastic over a button.  The shoes are very hard to get on the doll. I used my trick of using the thin handle of a spoon as a shoe horn. 

 Once they were on the doll (Julie), they fit nicely.  The harness is so cute, however, I think I could replicate it using a dog harness, leash or collar from the dollar store.

This is a real cute set and I believe there will be rock climbing scenes in my dolls future!



  1. With the 30 percent off code SAVEUP230 is there any free shipping code?

  2. Another KUDOS to OG's design team! Keep them coming!

  3. I agree OG is really making some great products! Madelon