Wednesday, March 23, 2016

*REVIEW* Costco American Girl Horse


The American Girl horse sold at Costco looks like the body of the Palomino Horse sold at American Girl for $75. This is a good set for the price. 

Chestnut Horse (Costco)  compared to Palomino Horse. The fabric/fur is soft. The box calls it velvety. It is softer than the Palomino and the Prancing Horse. 

The bridle is plastic, the rein is webbing. 

Saddle from Costco horse compared to Saddle and Award Set 

The apple is very similar to the apples from Caroline’s basket. The carrots look like the carrots for Julie’s pet rabbit. The brush has real bristles. The saddle is all plastic, the the stirrups seem to be metal.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Madelon

  2. Thanks for your post-I'm hoping our local Costco carries these!