Thursday, March 3, 2016

*In Store Report* My Life As....

I took a quick look at the MLA aisle and found a few cute items...

Madelon found a few new outfits at her store.

Walmart celebrates pet related clothes
Dogs on the pants.

Fox top

Bunny pajamas.



  1. Very cute! I heard that Madame Alexander makes these dolls and the clothing for this doll brand do you know if this is true. If so this would be a great addition to any doll collection. The prices and pieces are really!

    1. Madame Alexander no longer makes these dolls. At the beginning of 2015, any remaining Madame Alexander stock was generally clearanced out. CitiToy now makes these. You can tell by the face sculpt, tag, headstamp and box text.

    2. Thats too bad that Madame Alexander isnt affiliated with them anymore. Such great dolls!

  2. Love the vet and gardening sets! So cute! I saw on that there are two new dolls (in addition to the Gardener, Summer Vacationer and Nature Photographer) coming out this spring as well--a Party Planner (this time wearing a blue dress with a party hat headband) and a Dive Instructor (dressed in swim shorts, swim tee-shirt, flip flops and with dive fins in hand!). Can't wait to see what other goodies are coming out this spring!

  3. Cute. I really like the bunny pajamas.