Saturday, February 27, 2016

*REVIEW* Dream Dolls - Ginger Brook Hollow

April, Meg and Kathryn

If you follow Snickerdoodle Street, you may recall a feature on Ginger Brook Hollow dolls. These 17" all vinyl dolls have 9 attractive ball joints for great poseability. Unique artist face sculpts, hand painted features, and high quality easy to style hair.

Suzannah and Emmaline
Ginger Brook Hollow is a special, peaceful place. The little valley of Ginger Brook Hollow is named for the brook lined with wild ginger that runs through the middle of the hollow. The stories and dolls are from the life of the person you will first meet as Grandma Sunday. Her simple wisdom and ability to share love with others grow from her life in Ginger Brook Hollow. As her stories unfold, one at a time, you will meet the people she knows and grow to love them as she does, beginning with the seven orphan girls from the town just above the valley. Over time, you will be able to see how several generations grow and fit together.

The 17" dolls are no longer available. I recently purchased five of the seven 8" orphan dolls.

You can read the reviews on each girl.



  1. I'm not fond of the face molds...the dolls appear to be leering. Kind of creepy.

  2. Where are Johannah and Louisa?