Saturday, January 23, 2016

*REVIEW* OG Deluxe - Coral Stuck in the Middle of Knowhere

This is worth it just for the outfits and accessories.

1 poseable 18" doll, 1 surf suit, 1 pair of underwear, 1 cowboy hat, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of flippers, 1 snorkel mask with tube and mouthpiece, 1 tank top, 1 pair of shorts, 1 surfboard with ankle rope, 1 storybook, 1 bookmark.



  1. I agree the accessories look great and was thinking Id buy it just for them and send the doll to a new home, I still haven't seen an OG face that I like. I was a little confused by the cowboy hat.

  2. I think it is supposed to be a hat to wear on the beach with the casual outfit. Madelon

  3. Glad to see this doll reviewed. I thought the accessories looked great as well!

  4. I think the hat is on backwards. Maybe that way to fit in the box.

  5. Did OG notice they spelled "nowhere" wrong?

    1. It reminds me of Guardians of the Galaxy, although I don't think that's what was intended. It's probably a pun on her learning things...

  6. Can't wait to get this set. Giving Doll away.

  7. Coral is the only doll that I've ever seen with 'invisible' freckles! To me, they're a fun feature. If you hold the doll up in the light and slightly raise or lower her... you'll see them. Movement or changing the view angle seems to do the trick. It's a very clever way to give her a sun kissed appearance. Seeing pics of her in the box? Even in the store? Never noticed them.

    Loved the book, too. I'm another one who wishes that the books could be purchased separately. Several that I've read have a 'things may not be as they seem' theme which teaches one to be open minded and reserve judgements. By the end of the book, Coral had come to really enjoy what had originally seemed to be in the middle of no-where. It really taught her to be in the now! Here! It's about insights and awareness. Delightful to find in a child's book.

    Also as a Deluxe Doll, Coral is poseable. Her body has an internal armature that can be slightly tweaked to hold more natural looking poses... objects, too.

    While the accessories with this doll are totally awesome, so too, is the doll, IMO. She's a delight to enjoy!