Saturday, January 23, 2016

*In Store Report* Our Generation Mastermind Toys - Canada

Happened to be near my local Mastermind Toys for an appointment the other evening and decided to pop in to see the store's Our Generation stock and if there was anything new on the shelves. As usual, the store was brightly lit, very clean and well-stocked.

There was nothing new on the shelves that isn't already on their website, but I did notice that this store had a lot more 'big' items than they have had in the past. Not as much clothing or shoe sets, but plenty of cars, diners, kitchens and laundry sets. 


Prices continue to be more than I am willing to pay, so I bought nothing, but thought I would share some photos with you. 

I loved looking at the accessory sets, lots of little detailed pieces and always unexpected surprises in each set. In particular, I loved the "Under the Weather Care" set--with its ice pack bag, hot water bottle, tissue box, medicine dropper, tea and honey and soup bowl! Too cute! Will have to keep my eyes peeled for a sale, as I just can't justify spending $25 on these. 

 I also enjoyed looking at the new dolls. They had the deluxe doll, Coral, available. Coral comes with a surfboard, snorkel set and a change of clothes and is quite adorable. Retails for $49.99. 


Here are some of the other prices:

Diner - $219.99
Laundry - $89.99
Camper - $119.99
Car - $129.99
Kitchen - $119.99
Regular dolls - $36.99
Clothing - $18.99
Deluxe clothing - $24.99
Play sets (deluxe accessories) - $24.99
Small accessories - $12.99
Shoes - $12.99


 While there was no stable, scooters and ice cream truck, they did have plenty of clip-on chairs, doll backpacks (which I had never seen before and wasn't overly impressed with--the fabric feels very thin for the price. I think it would tear very quickly!), bath tubs, styling sets, and horses in stock, too.

I asked one of the staff if Our Generation ever goes on sale and she said periodically, but they never know when the sale is going to be. Oh well! I'll have to keep checking it out.

That's the latest from Mastermind Toys.

Robin :)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this! Madelon

  2. Oh goodness, I'm in love with the new April doll with the tortoise shell glasses. What a cutie! I only allow myself to go into Target once a month as OG accessories and clothing are such a weakness for me! Thanks for the great photos! My daughters got the Retro Diner for Christmas and I can't say enough good things about it. :)

  3. I agree, Farrah Lily, the accessories are so tempting and had Target still been around in Canada, I think I would have a hard time resisting as there prices were more reasonable than these. I love April too--I'm a redhead with similar glasses, and it was always hard to find redhead dolls as a kid. Kinda want her just for me! Lol! I see that OG dolls have quite a few gingers in their line-up, but few with realistic hair shades like this one....