Friday, January 22, 2016

*REVIEW* No Ordinary Sound - A Melody Classic

 Where do I begin??? I LOVE Melody and her family. She and her older sister Yvonne, older brother Dwayne and older sister Lila all live in Detroit with their parents. On Sundays, her family enjoys dinner at Big Momma and Poppa's house. Her grandparents are just as sweet. The book is written true to time period and I can envision the blue dinner plates that set on Big Mommas table for enjoying roast dinner.
One of my favorite things is that her nick name is "Dee Dee". (My daughter's nickname is Dee Dee and she plays bass guitar!)
Melody has a few "firsts" in this book now that she is growing up and allowed opportunities at her grandfathers flower shop and in the Youth choir. Melody is sort of shy, but has a BIG voice that she "has to let sing out".

Of course Motown and music are mentioned throughout her story and her brothers singing group. Her family is always dancing to or singing some song!  

She also finds her voice in other ways like with her own bank account.

Bojangles is Melody's mixed terrier and is rumored to make an appearance within her collection. 

There is a little spoken in terms of fashion and hair styles, but God, church and music are VERY much a  part of her story all of which I can personally appreciate.

And yes Dr. Martin Luther King is a part of her story too.

AG has begun handing these out in store and in boxed orders.

I can not wait for Melody to debut. I recommend her story it is a quick read and you too will fall in love with this new BeForever character.


  1. Love this review, wow her book sounds so adorable and includes lots of good values. I will certainly buy this one when her others in the series are out. Thanks for posting a review of it.

  2. I love her hair! I hope the dolls has similar hair. The hair style is very 1960s! We just got the Maryellen boxed set so hopefully we can get Melody's book next!

  3. I have the book too and I can tell you it is so good. She is such a beautiful character inside and out. I love the lesson of how to not compare yourself or your talents to anyone else, it is your own gift. So many of us want to think that we are better than someone else or less special, when really we are all unique and have our own special attributes to offer our communities. I love her hair and clothing too, very 60s. And for anyone who has ever been to a beauty parlor, which was extremely big in the African American community in the 60s, even today, her hairstyle was commonly worn by millions of great aunts had it...not a wig, but their real hair.

  4. Her pictures have such a prominent dimple..
    wouldn't it be amazing to get a new face mold with a dimple!!
    she's adorable!

  5. Thanks for the review. I'm looking forward to this release and I'm not even a historical doll collector.

  6. I hope they make a girl from the 80's dont you?