Monday, January 11, 2016

*REVIEW* AG vs OG Science Set

The first two pictures are of the AG Science Set.  It includes a science book, microscope, test tubes and test tube holder, a box of slides and apron and safety glasses. 

It is a wonderful set!  I love AG's little science book.  The slides and slide box could be easily duplicated and I will do that for my science lab.  Aprons could also be easily made.

    Sorry the picture is so blurry.  This set is my favorite!  It is called Under The Microscope.  Priced at $6.99, this is a great buy!!!  I have the AG version and I want to set up a science lab for my girls.  I could not do that with the price of the AG set, about $36.00. (now discontinued). 

 The next pictures are a comparison of the two sets, OG on the left and AG on the right. 

OG on right and AG on left.  

 The flask that comes with the OG set the dolls can actually hold. Besides the great price of the OG set ($6.99) the microscope lights up!  


  1. Third picture is of the extras with the two sets. On the left is the AG extras and on the right is the flask that comes with the OG set. I must be getting my right and left mixed up. In the last photo, the OG is on the left and the AG is on the right. I like the OG better because the tubes don't fall out when moved.

  2. Omg now i really wanna go to target and get that set!Its looks like gret quality for a great price!-Sophia

  3. Having worked in a science center for several years, the purple microscope is way more like a student scope anyway. I really prefer the OG set even though I kicked myself for not getting the AG one. OG is really giving Mattel a run for their money! YAY

  4. I have been searching my local Targets for this set without luck. Madelon

  5. I love this. I have 1 American Girl and 3 Target and the Target are fir thr 3 Student American Girl Doll Desk and 1 American Girl Doll Set for the Class Table. It is Fabulous with the 3 and 1. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year's LADL Family

  6. I love these accessory comparisons! They really show the diversity in the items--but also compares quality, price and details. I love that the microscope lights up--and that it's a third of the price!