Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lea's DIY Rain Forest House


On A budget?
Make your own hut for Lea or any other doll to live in!

  • Paper towel tubes, cut vertically in half
  • bamboo paper
  • brown paper sacks or butcher paper, roof
  • lots of glue
  • scissors
 You can start by making a portable house using cardboard or decorate just a plain box.

  1. Glue bamboo paper (or the paper towel tubes vertically) glue onto the exterior. 
  2. Cut butcher paper or paper sacks in thin strips leaving a 2" solid uncut edge. Glue the solid strip to the roof.
  3. Add butterfly stickers 
  4. Add ferns, greenery, butterflies and plants from the dollar store 

*Note you can also use bamboo place mats for the exterior.


  1. This is a great idea. The hut looks really nice and not too busy which is great. Love the butterflies and grass from the craft store idea too. I always love homemade items because it is your own and unique. Plus there are no limitations of how big or creative you can be. I even see this one having faux hanging lanterns or little lamps.

  2. I was waiting to see how long it would take before you came out with this DIY, Rhonda! You are a lot like me that way.
    Unfortunately I do not have room for this beautiful house, or money to buy a modern AG (I'm saving for Addy, Molly and Felicity) but I think I have the money (and space) for a Snickerdoodle Street style project. In fact, I am determined to make Lea's entire collection sized for the 6" minis. Found an Ebay listing for mini Lea and mini Maryellen (the two dolls whose collections I like but dont have room for) so it's perfect! Hope to send you pictures of my mini Lea house when I make it.

  3. go to target and get mini lea out now for 9.99 S>R>

    1. The Ebay listing I found (for the two dolls whose collections I want but don't have room or $ for) is for $45 and free shipping. Since each minidoll from AG is $25 plus shipping, I'll save $5+ and get both minis I want.
      Detailed post coming up (here or Snickerdoodle St. I dont know) of my DIY mini Lea RF house.

  4. Thanks..but there isn't a Target near where I live :-P