Friday, December 25, 2015

*International Collectors* Newberry Dolls for the Dollidays

I'm so excited by all of my Newberry purchases this Christmas. In addition to two wooden doll beds, I bought a wooden table and chairs and a plastic tea/baking set. All on sale by 30% off too!

The girls both asked for one Newberry doll each. I got them their doll of choice each (again on sale!) and it was so hard to resist getting more of the dolls. There are still a few new ones we do not have and the regular dolls were all $30 down to $20! But, resist I did. 

 My oldest, Brooke, really wanted Lily--the Asian doll. She isn't new or even a deluxe doll, but Brooke just really had to have her.

She is soooo pretty. I'm thrilled with her. Her outfit looks very well made, too.

Please excuse the plastic--I didn't want to take her out yet since she is a gift. 

 My middle daughter, Avery, asked Santa for the new holiday doll, named Noelle. She's pricier--$49.99 regular, but I paid $32. I would have liked to see if she was going to go down further, but I also didn't want to risk losing out. Some Newberry dolls have already sold out and might not restock before Christmas! 

 Noelle, or Holly as she came named on the box (???), is gorgeous. I'm convinced that the doll is really the same doll mould and colouring as Emma and Madison (earlier dolls), but the hairstyle and outfit are very different. She reminds me a lot of the Giovanna Journey girl doll with this special outfit. 

I can't quite tell without feeling it, but the dress appears very well made. It has a very heavy weight to it, but is soft and pliable--at least that's what it feels like through the plastic. She is wearing a beautiful red gown (lined with crinoline), red high heels, white gloves, a white fur bolero, red rose hair tie, red rose purse, white pearl necklace (although I don't see it--maybe it's under the jacket. I'll need to check!) and comes with a little Christmas stocking. I think she has underwear too! 

Lastly, I got a Newberry baby doll for my youngest daughter, Quinn. I wasn't going to, as Q is just two and we have so many baby dolls that she can play with, but baby Sophie was on super sale so I couldn't help myself. Regularly $29.99, for $13. She is our first Newberry baby doll!

Sophie is 14 inches with a huggable body and vinyl limbs. She has short brown hair (looks quite soft) and comes in an adorable pink and white outfit. What I didn't realize until I bought her was that she comes with a second outfit! She has a plaid holiday dress, plaid hat, undies and a rattle! Great deal for the price! Q is going to love her--and the fact that she will have her own pink Newberry box to open on Christmas morning!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering if all the Newberry boxes were like this :)

  2. All of the Newberry doll/accessory boxes that I have purchased have been pink (no windows). However, the furniture have always come in a white box. We've set up the furniture this week and they are adorable! The girls love their new dolls!

  3. The blonde doll, Holly, looks exactly like the "My London Girl" doll I bought in London this year, who was very expensive! I am shocked to see this same face mold! I thought My London Girls were unique.