Tuesday, December 8, 2015

*In Store Report* More Outfits from Justice

New JLM Justice Outfits are in store now. $29.90 each.

I received a call back from Justice Corporate offices. The 18" dolls will be in select stores in major cities, but can be ordered to other store locations. Confirmed FOUR dolls!


  1. I got the red dress on the Black Friday sale - it's wonderful at half off! The Justice pets are by Gund and are high quality. From what I understand, the dolls are not as fine quality as the pets or clothes.

    Also, I did a post (http://mommysdollclub.com/wp/dollation-just-added-just-like-me-by-justice/) about adding the Justice items to Dollation here: http://dollation.com/dollipedia/brand/just-me-justice

    If you don't know about Dollation, please go check it out. It's like a giant Christmas Wish List. You can track your own collection, put an item on your wishlist and check out other people's collections too. Dollation is a community edited encyclopedia of dolls and it is awesome.

  2. Isabella that's so funny lol
    The outfits are no where near worth $30. American Girl's are just as much if not cheaper because of the sales.

  3. All of the pets are really cute. I especially like the ginger kitten.