Wednesday, December 9, 2015

*FEATURE* 12 Days of Dresses - Josefina's Christmas Dress and Mantilla

When TiĆ” Dolores gives Josefina elegant striped fabric, she chooses a stylish dress pattern and sews every stitch herself! Celebrate her town's most blessed night of the year, la Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) with this special outfit that features:
  • An empire-waist dress with stripes and a delicate pattern
  • Ruffled white pantalettes, white stockings, and black slippers
  • A fine lace mantilla, a veil held in place by a fancy comb

$32 Debuted 1997.

 Girls Dress Like Your Doll Sizes $80 was called the Very Best Dress. Retired 2000.

 *Special thanks to Ticia for collaborating on this project!


  1. The historical Christmas/holiday dresses are my favorites for all the historical dolls. The outfits give the doll owners a visual representation of how that time period celebrated a holiday.

  2. She looks so festive! Madelon

  3. Oh I agree too. I love the holiday dresses best of all. I miss the historical accessories that went with each dress. Hope they bring those back soon. The Nina doll and Ida Bean came back, but I miss Kit's doll and hope that they give Mary Ellen some I Love Lucy paper dolls at least to be an item in her collection. If it's good for the story, than they should at least make it apart of her collection.

  4. I am not crazy about the outfit dress like your doll for girls, but I do like this outfit on Josephina!