Friday, December 11, 2015

*FEATURE* 12 Days of Dresses - Samantha's Cranberry Holiday Dress

For turn-of-the-century Christmas parties, Nellie chooses to wear this outfit: A drop-waist, pleated dress with lace trim. A velveteen sash and matching hair bow. Tights and shiny black shoes with gold buckle detail.

The Cranberry Party Dress $22 debuted in 1986. Retired 2008 when Samantha went into the archives.

Girls Dress Like My Doll sizes $110. The dress was called the Victorian Party Dress.  Retired 2000.


 If you look at the lacy yoke on the dress carefully you can see the similarities and differences in flowers, stems and hearts. The bows are the same to me. The heart lace is made to fit a white body Samantha due to the smaller waste and stuffed body.  

The classic red dress 1986-1988 has a different lace design and a burgundy hair bow.


 Mini Samantha's lace is different too.

*Special thanks to Ticia for collaborating on this project!


  1. Beautiful Samantha dolls! I love my Samantha dolls but their hair is hard to comb. Your doll's hair looks so soft.

  2. Ticia, you have a very nice collection! Madelon

  3. I still prefer this one over her latest holiday dress.

  4. Your Samantha doll's hair is so pretty! So beautifully curly! Especially the one with her bangs parted in the middle...
    Hannah M.

  5. Thanks everyone for the beautiful comments. I've loved American Girl for a long time. My favorite is Samantha. I loved her collection since the 1st catalog in the late 1980s when I first learned how to read. It's nice to see that I found a family of friends that love her as much as I do. Thanks Ronda and LADL family.

  6. I can't get my Samantha 's(4) hair to look soft. Thinking of doing the downy dunk .the wigs are good except one,had a haircut..yours look fabulous

    1. My older doll's hair gets really dry. I tried the braid spray Ronda recommends in her video. That is great along with curling Samantha's hair with curlers and letting them set for up to 3 days. It really helps with the dryness.

  7. Is that her original wig? That PM Sam's wig is GORGEOUS!