Friday, December 11, 2015

*FEATURE* 12 Days of Dresses - Rebecca's Holiday Outfit

Rebecca in her original Holiday Outfit with a Menorah that I made for her from a cut-out that I found on Pinterest. - Maria

Hanukkah Dress $32 debuted in 2009. Retired 2014 with the launch of BeForever.

Rebecca's BeForever Holiday Outfit $34 debuted 2014.
Hanukkah is Rebecca’s favorite time of year, and she feels like a star in this outfit:
  • A periwinkle-blue dress with tulip sleeves, a shawl collar, a satin waistband with a decorative buckle, and a two-tiered skirt with lace and satin trim
  • A headband with pretty flower rosettes
  • White tights
  • Double-strap shoes


  1. Lee & Pearl have a tutorial on making a menorah.

    1. Wow! I never would have guessed the materials that they used to get that great end result. That is amazing! Thanks for sharing! ~Maria B.

  2. Oh, I love her 1st holiday dress. I loved the part in her story of how she came to wear it in time for Hanukkah. Your Rebecca is so pretty! This year they gave her some nesting that AG did that, but they are on backorder. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Ticia! The Christmas/Hannukkah part of Rebecca's story is my favorite! I took a special trip to the Boston Store before Be Forever came out so I could get this outfit before it retired. When I first got Rebecca almost 2 years ago, she claimed the nesting dolls that I already had in my home. I am so glad they made a set for her and it is on my list to buy. Thank you to Rhonda for posting my photos. Thank you Ticia as well as for all the beautiful photos of your dolls in their holiday outfits. I have so enjoyed looking at them over the past week! ~Maria B.