Tuesday, December 15, 2015

*FEATURE* 12 Days of Dresses - Julie's Classic and BF Dresses

Julie's Christmas Outfit $32 debuted in 2007. Retired 2014 when a revamped version debuted with BeForever.

Julie sparkles on Christmas Day in this fancy outfit $34. It includes:
  • A pretty paisley brocade dress, featuring sheer long sleeves with lace trim and a velvet sash
  • A velvet headband
  • Lace-patterned tights
  • Shiny patent Mary Jane shoes

Ivy wears her New Year Outfit $28 - 2007. Retired 2014 with Ivy's archival. 

*Special thanks to Ticia for collaborating on this project!


  1. Oh, my goodness. I had never seen Julie's original red dress. It's so much like the shift and white blouse with bow that my mom and grandma sewed. I have a photo of four of us in these dresses: my mom, grandma, aunt and me. Wow, blast from the past!

    1. Its so funny you said this because for the longest time I did not want to buy this dress for Julie. Then I noticed the flowers kn the red jumper and my old photo album showed me whe I was 1 1/2 in a jumper similar to this one with the same wild flowers on the velour material. I was blown away. I knew I had to have it, and it was worth it because it really shows off Julie's era and how creative those clothes could be with the variety of floral designs, prints and fabric. I do love her new dress and how cute Julie looks in it. The shoes are just dazzling as an accessory to this beautifully made brocade dress with lovely sheer pffy sleeves.

    2. I love this! Ticia was RIGHT - this is a good review for collectors....12 dresses was Ticia's idea and it's beneficial not only to newbies, but for those who have been collecting for a few years.