Tuesday, December 8, 2015

*FEATURE* 12 Days of Dresses - Caroline's Holiday Dress

Caroline wears her finest gown on Christmas Day. Make sure she's festive and fancy in this outfit, which features:
  • A gown that would fit right in at a party set in 1812—it has jacquard stripe in shades of purple, floral detailing, a lavender ruched neckline, and a decorative buckle at the empire waist
  • A braided hairpiece with golden trim to sweep back her long curls
  • Elegant white gloves and embroidered shoes to complete her festive look

$36 Debuted 2012. Retired 2015.

*Special thanks to Ticia for collaborating on this project!


  1. Thanks Rhonda. This info is really helpful. When AG discontinued the first wave of historical dolls and their line of clothing, I could not find any info. on the product. That goes the same for newer discontinued holiday outfits. Now I can add info about the outfits so that I can pass my collection down to my family. AG changes their website every couple of months so this is a great resource for anyone who buys or collects for their dolls. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I think Caroline is so pretty.

  3. Her hair looks especially lovely! Madelon