Saturday, November 28, 2015

*REVIEW* OG Out of the Blue - Deluxe Outfit

I LOVE this outfit - aaaahhhh!
The accessories are adorable too.

Look at how darling she looks!
For the record: Positively Perfect Divah dolls can wear OG clothes.


The soft sole shoes are ill fitting...even crooked.


The outfit looks cute with or without the cardigan. Lots of mix n match options.


Here is a photo without the flash.

She looks ready for school! 
I recommend this outfit - it's too cute to pass up.


  1. That white rounded collar looks good paired with the blue fabric. Maybe one day OG will produce the perfect doll shoes. In the meantime, I will remind myself that it's just a pair of doll shoes.

  2. I think this would work on a 1950's doll, too. Madelon