Saturday, November 28, 2015

*REVIEW* 1950's Dress - (Etsy) My Sew You Creations

MySewYouCreations outfit for Maryellen. I bought this beautiful dress for about $20 on Etsy. I had seen a dress similar to this as a possible prototype of a dress for Maryellen.

It is exceptionally made and comes with a head ribbon.

Two types of fabric and orange ribbon.

Velcroes up back, orange ribbon is not attached.

I highly recommend this Etsy shop.


  1. That is such a cute dress. It looks just perfect on Maryellen.

  2. The prototype dresses for Mary Ellen were so beautiful. It was hard for me to not see them as part of the doll's actual collection. I think this was one of the dresses. Nice to see someone captured the picture and made the actual dress. Very cute on her and looks better than I thought it would.

    1. I agree, I was really bummed... I would have preferred white shoes as well.

  3. I really hope that AG makes the floral dress with the pink buttons. That outfit was sooooo adorable!

  4. I loved what I saw of the potential prototype dresses. Maybe AG will make them someday. Madelon

  5. Beautiful dress appears to be a very small shop. The owner is currently sold out, I did send a message in the hopes that I'll be able to purchase one.... eventually.

  6. I hope you get it! Madelon

  7. This was most likely the prototype for her school dress...

    I really hope that isn't true though because the dress is sooooo cute!!!