Friday, November 13, 2015

*REVIEW* 18" Princess Collection Dolls - Canada

This is the second year that I’ve spotted them, as they seem to come out only at Christmas time and have made their appearance in two different Canadian department stores (Canadian Tire and Giant Tiger). They appear to be knock-off ‘Disney princess’ dolls, generically called “Princess Collection.” From what I can tell there are currently eight different dolls in the collection, although only six are shown in the photos below. (Could be that there are just six now—but last year there was a Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Rapunzel, Aurora and Ariel—this year Elsa and Anna were available, but no Aurora or Rapunzel yet.)

The dolls are certainly budget dolls and priced accordingly—but they look quite durable, like they would stand up to a toddler’s rougher play. They are currently $19.99 at Canadian Tire (same price last year, until they went on sale closer to Christmas for $9.99) and were available last year at Giant Tiger for $14.99. (I’m not certain if Giant Tiger will be carrying them again this year.) 

 They are 18-inches tall and feature a slim body, similar to Toys R Us’ Princess and Me line or the Carpartina body type. The dolls faces are all the same (different eye colours and eyeshadows), but their hair styles differ to ‘match’ their princess type. The ones I looked at all showed great face paint jobs and the faces are quite sweet—turned up noses, pretty painted eyes and little smiles.

The clothes also seem to replicate the princess type—all very different from one another, but obvious Disney princess copies. The outfits appear to be made of less-sturdy fabrics (tulle, vinyls, etc.) than what you might find on another 18-inch doll, however. The shimmery fabrics might catch the eye, but I’m not certain how long they will hold up to play.

 Finally, the dolls each come with a dress (Ariel’s dress has a mermaid tail, but her feet pop out at the bottom), a pair of rubber ballet flats, a comb, a mirror and a jewelled crown—except for Anna and Elsa. Anna and Elsa don’t appear to have crowns, although they do have everything else. Perhaps because the crowns have been discontinued with the new dolls?

 Anyways, these might make a lovely gift for someone who is testing out the 18-inch doll waters with a little one, or someone who simply can’t afford the $70 price tag of actual TRU “Princess and Me” dolls. Either way, I’m sure little girls will be delighted with these dolls.



  1. Disney has not officially crowned Anna & Elsa in the parks as "Disney princesses" so they will not appear crowned (dolls or characters) until after their official crowning ceremony in parks. You can look up other recent princesses crowning ceremonies in park - always a big deal.

  2. Ah! That might be it, then. I'd be surprised that a copy-cat brand would pay that close attention as to which ones are 'officially' Disney princesses, but that could certainly be the reason for the crownless accessories!