Monday, November 2, 2015

*In Store Report* OG Sale at Target

Cute new outfits.

Sale is from Nov 1 - 7.


Don't forget you can use the Target BESTGIFT code to order online and get 25% off!


  1. I'm tempted to go buy another doll and some clothes, but I keep telling myself we have too much already. I'm heading to build a home in the outskirts of Juarez, where people don't have a real house, so I think I'll try to put some joy in a life not my own! Cute outfits, though!

    1. We can fit anytime else in Our Home either. No matter how cheap it is. Love looking for others at this point. And You are right for sure, it is is a season for giving. God bless Linda

  2. These will make great stocking stuffers! Time to stock up!

  3. Now if my Target could only get the new shoes and I get there before they're gone!