Sunday, November 22, 2015

*In Store Report* MORE Princess Dolls - Giant Tiger (Canada)

The 'Princess' dolls are in fact available at Giant Tiger (the other Canadian retailer) and are on sale for $15, as opposed to Canadian Tire's $20. 

They had an 'Aurora'-styled doll (pinkish dress, pale blonde hair) in addition to the others. 

Also, their 'Anna' doll's hair was very different--and frankly, I liked it better!--more of a strawberry blonde mix (red and pale blonde) then the orangey red of the Canadian Tire 'Anna.' Besides setting her apart from the red of 'Ariel,' this hue is a bit more in line with the Disney movie story. Her complexion is also a bit darker--perhaps to contrast against her sister's frozen paleness? I think the dress might even be slightly different.

Still looking for the Rapunzel and really wish they had a Tiana. Maybe they do and I just haven't seen it yet?


  1. I think Anna DOES have more orage and red in her hair then that.

  2. But the other one DID need more orange and less red. ( I am still the same person that last comented. )