Monday, November 23, 2015

*In Store Report* AG Pop Up Store - Mission Viejo, CA


For a smaller store they utilized their space wisely.

Maryellen and Truly Me doll in the window display.

Historical Beforever section complete with all of the dolls.

 Only Caroline is missing

Julie sitting on her egg chair, she looks a little sleepy!! We were very surprised that they displayed Julie's bed!!

Julie's Daisy vanity set.

Maryellen has a little section to herself.

Maryellen's Ice Skating Outfit.

Kaya and her horse.

Kit in her Christmas outfit.

Rebecca in her Christmas outfit with her adorable kittens.

The American Girl store even had a mini section!!

The store had a section for Grace the Girl of The Year.

They had plenty of Grace dolls, books, and her movie.

You can even get Grace's Bistro Set!! We didn't see Grace's Bakery cart, but you can still order it from American girls.

They had a Truly Me section, where you could pick a doll.

You can get a pet.

They had the purchase with a purchase offer.

The store even had the beautiful Frosted Violet Gown. 

Truly Me dolls in their Christmas dresses.

The store had some awesome scenes for Truly Me set up. We didn't get all of them, but we managed to get most of the little scenes.

American Girl store collection set for $50.00, and they also had the salon set.

The store had an American Girl Orange County shirt for dolls.

Doll hair styling accessories.

This store had a doll hair salon and ear piercing for dolls. They don't have as many hairstyles choices as the other American Girl retail stores but they do have some cute ones.

Christmas accessories for girls.

The store had a section for Bitty Baby, no Bitty Twins.
Bitty Baby corner.

They were also giving away Beforever Julie classic books. We just wanted to share with you about our experience at this store. We were greeted and assisted when we arrived in the store which always is a plus. The employees were very knowledgeable, and told us about all the special promotions going on.  This Pop Up Store had a better selection than we anticipated and we were very pleased with it.  We do hope this store does stay in the Orange County area after the Christmas season is over. 

-DollyDaisy from Am I Cute or What?


  1. Wow this store is just as good as Nashville!!!

  2. Thank you so much fot this post. I want the Orange County Souvenir Shirts bad. Too Cute indeed. I love all of the TrulyMe scences for ideas also. Seasons Greetings,Maxine

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us! It is much larger than I thought. Madelon

  4. Very nice! thank you for sharing the experience!