Tuesday, October 6, 2015

*REVIEW* 1972 Shirley Temple by IDEAL (Rescue)

I found this 1972 Shirley Temple doll by IDEAL TOYS!!

16" hard vinyl doll with a squishy face and rooted hair.

Her hands are so child like!

Her teeth need repainted and she needs a good cleaning.

She has real upper lashes, eyes do not close.

Luckily her hair was in bobby pins so her curls were persevered. This is all I had around to dress her in temporarily. I need to find some cute dresses and a pair of patent leather shoes.


  1. Your Shirley Temple doll looks really cute in the outfit you found for her!!

  2. Hi Rhonda,
    Shirley is very cute! My Life As... at WalMart has some black patent Mary Janes. If you can't find them at yours, I'd be happy to send you a pair.

  3. Great find! She is in mint condition. I too have her, dressed like the one Linda has. Shirley has always been a favorite of mine. Diana

  4. the dress is called stand up and cheer the one Shirley wore in film just sold at auction for$70.000 to a cal. buyer

    1. Was the movie also called stand up and cheer? It would be great to see this thousand dollar dress on the actual Shirley.

  5. Ironic, just today I was looking up the Sara Lee doll and I think it was also made by the same doll company that made Shirley. She is a beautiful doll.