Monday, October 5, 2015

*Review* Sam Liron, Your 1960s Girl - A Girl for All Time

I'm so excited to be reviewing Sam Liron today courtesy of A Girl for All Time!  The wait is over and Sam is here dressed in her mod fashion!

 Hello, my name is Sam Liron.  My mother is Clementine Harper - you might have seen her, with her bright red bob and read about her adventures during the war, when she and her best friend caught a Nazi spy.  Anyway, I’m about to turn thirteen. I was born in Paris in the huge hotel where I live with my parents and I’m obsessed with fashion. I’m about to go on a huge adventure…I’m going to live with my eccentric uncle Ernie in Greenwich Village in New York City, stopping off in London on the way of course to see Carnaby Street.

Each AGAT doll has an "assigned" packaging color and Sam's yellow packaging is fun! This is what she looks like fresh inside the box.

The booklet inside showcases pieces from her mod wardrobe.

Samantha Liron lives in 1960's Paris and dreams of being a fashion designer. When her family loses their money in a failed investment, she has to leave all that's familiar to go to NYC to live with her eccentric uncle Ernie in Greenwich village.

 Her eyes are a gorgeous brown with a hint of caramel near the pupil - real upper lashes!!!!

Her hair is silky soft, full of bounce and volume - I love AGAT wigs, they are exceptional quality. The color is true in these photos.

The denim mini dress has a yellow patent flower motif in the center with matching patent cuffs. As with all AGAT clothing, there are snap closures in back. The shoes are historically accurate as well...wishing for my own pair.

Sam wears orange netted tights and matching panties.

 Her shoes have a slight heel, I love the color scheme to her meet outfit - the orange and yellow make this mod costume bright and FUN!

Sam is going to be a BIG hit! The 60's were a busy time in pop culture and it will be great fun for girls to explore the era when playing with Sam. Adult collectors will certainly appreciate the era as some won't have to reach too far back to remember all of the color, sounds and events.

If you have not yet purchased a doll from A Girl for All Time, may I encourage you to delve into the 1960's with Sam!!! Her look, style and fashions are colorful, youthful and definitely accurate to her era.

Stay close for more fashion reviews, crafts and decor ideas as we celebrate the launch of Sam Liron this October! 

You can explore more of Sam's world on her page.  


  1. I am a child of the 60s and 70s. Sam's line of clothing and haircut resonate with what I remember and see in old photos from that time period. Orange and yellow were definitely in my wardrobe! Love the ability to pose the limbs.

  2. I do not have a girl for all time.I have two american girls and 1 our generation,also one toddler Ariel doll as well as china dolls.I would like a girl for all time but im not sure which one, i would like a Matilda doll.What do you guys think???-Sophia

  3. She is gorgeous. Sam and Lydia are my favorites from AGAT.

  4. She is very pretty. Reminds me of one of Gidget's friends (from the TV show not the movies). It's neat that Clementine is her mom. Clementine is my favorite of the line, Same comes in second. I don't have any. Might be nice to add on sometime.

  5. Lucky you to have Sam already! I pre-ordered her but she hasn't arrived yet. Can't wait 'til she comes home!

  6. Very nice review! Sam's time period is in my youth . . My teen/young adult years were in the 70's I look forward to our next AGFAT.

  7. Nice review! I'm waiting for my preorder Sam to arrive. In the meantime, it's nice to finally see a picture of the actual doll.