Tuesday, October 20, 2015

*Review* Ariel - Disney Animator Doll

Look at that red hair! Ariel is so cute in her pink dress.

Her rooted hair is super soft and has a slight wave.

I bought this MLA mermaid costume, understandably it is for an 18" doll and Ariel is 16" all vinyl. It has to be altered.

The costume can be pinned, it is about 2" to large in back. Many people do this with Build-A-Bear (BABW) costumes...they alter them to fit AG dolls. You can do this for DAC dolls as well.

Of course GOTY13 Saige or TM#61 would look lovely in this mermaid costume as well!


  1. Have you ever thought about doing an updated all my dolls photo?

    1. I typically do an all doll's photo at the start of the new year.....my collection changes so much throughout the year. The MY DOLLS section is current, you can see my collection there for now. Thanks!! :-)