Monday, October 19, 2015

AG Sets - Swimming in 1914 vs 1934

Swimming in 1914 vs 1934
Rebecca received a new swim set that is very reminiscent of Kit’s 1934 Swimming set.

Rebecca’s set included a 2 piece swimsuit, a cap, boots, socks, a chair, and a postcard. Cost:  Kit’s set is a one piece swimsuit, sandals, cap, umbrella, and sunglasses. The chair was a separate set. 

The swimsuits aren’t too different. Kit’s is a dress with attached panties while Rebecca’s is a dress with long shorts—both are cotton. Kit’s sandals are sturdy canvas have jelly bottoms and Velcro straps while Rebecca’s come with knee socks and boots with faux laces (they Velcro in the back). They are faux leather and a bit cheesy. Both dresses have little belts—Kit’s has a metal “buckle” but Rebecca has a button detail on the side. Rebecca’s also has a different pattern in the v-neck which is a nice touch.
Rebecca’s cap is a cap—similar to a winter cap or cloth baseball cap and made out of the same cotton as the dress. Kit’s is a swimming cap with a Velcro strap for under her chin and is a lycra-like material. Kit also has a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella. Overall, both outfits are pretty equivalent—Kit’s shoes are better quality and the addition of sunglasses and umbrella make this one the winner.  The umbrella is a plastic material with a plastic stem but opens and closes like a real umbrella. Nice.
The major difference is in the chairs:

Kit’s chair on the left is wood and much larger than Rebecca’s plastic version. Both have three settings for height and have striped canvas cloth.

Here the size difference is obvious again. Kit’s chair folds flat while Rebecca’s doesn’t. I like Kit's set better for quality and the unusual colors but Rebecca's is very pretty and a good buy--especially these days!



  1. Kits colors are so cute. I have never seen this set. When did it come out? Was it pre Mattel?

  2. I have Rebecca's set, but I hope to find Kit's set someday. Madelon

  3. Thank you for the review. I really like Kit's swim set and the colors seem suitable for the decade, however, Rebecca's seem to be a little too trendy for me. The style on both look great, but again I cannot get past the color choices for Rebecca's 1914 attire. AG could have thrown in an umbrella and a game set with this outfit to make it worth the price. However, both of your dolls look very pretty in both items and that is really what matters at the end of the day.

  4. Kit has my vote rebeccas should be black .

  5. I agree, the colors on Rebecca's are just plain old ugly!