Thursday, October 15, 2015

Maryellen Hair Comparisons

I got MaryEllen a week ago and I LOVE HER. She is so, so cute. (Okay, I wished her hair was the darker red the prototype doll had, but her hair is redder than I thought it was. How red is it?  
First, the spectrum of red hair available:

The original Felicity has the truest red hair. It is very red. I believe #61 fits in next to the Original Felicity (I had one but I returned her to get Grace). MaryEllen’s hair is lighter red than Felicity but is a truer red than Nellie whose is a strawberry blonde. Mia’s hair has more brown in it than Nellie. Emily’s hair as more brown than Mia while Saige has the darkest red but still has a lot of brown. Finally the Newer Felicity is the one with the bright green eyes but still has a Pleasant Company stamp on her neck. Her hair is a more true red than Emily but it is darker than the Original Felicity. Probably JLY #5 (and #8) fits in between Newer PC Felicity and Original Felicity. So while her hair isn’t Felicity (or #61 red) or carrot red, it is definitely on the red scale. And it is close to my own hair color, so that might bias me. I guess it isn’t surprising that it is hard to match the hair accessories to the red hair dolls with so many red options. Maybe MaryEllen will get a hair set that has a hair add-on to match her color.

Next is the eyes. MaryEllen has hazel eyes, but not all hazel eyes are the same. There are two different styles:

MaryEllen on the left, Mia on the right. Mia’s eyes are a more yellow hazel while MaryEllen’s are a darker, greener hazel. Other dolls have had both types of hazel eyes:

MaryEllen’s eyes match Isabelle’s exactly. Honestly, if the eyebrows weren’t different colors, I would think they just kept making Isabelles and tacked MaryEllen’s hair on. The other BeForever doll still in production with hazel eyes is Rebecca and her are the yellower version. Cecile’s darker skin makes her eyes look lighter but they too are the MaryEllen/Isabelle color. Lanie has the darker eyes too. Kanani…it was really tough to tell, but I think hers are the darker ones too. Correct me if I am wrong because they seemed to go both ways depending on the light.


  1. This is really informative! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My family really loves red headed dolls. All the dolls you used in the hair comparison we own besides the original Felicity.

  3. Rebecca's hazel is different depending when you got her. The earlier ones have lighter hazel, but now they are the darker. My Rebecca has dark hazel eyes, like Isabelle's. My Lanie's are the lighter color, like Mia's. Kanani and Cecile are in between. My #21's are also the darker hazel, and I just got her this year. I've seen earlier 21s with the lighter version.

  4. I know GOTY 2016 Lea has hazel eyes, and they look like the lighter kind. Are they?

  5. Maryellen has her own eye color. Still interesting though.