Sunday, September 20, 2015

*Review* OG Spring into Ruffles

OG "Spring into Ruffle".

 I love how the colors pop on Kanani.

Skirt reminds me of Maryellen's crinoline.

I didn't realize that the top underneath was a halter top!
You could easily pair the top with jeans.

Neon colored shrug and sandals strike me as 1980s too.

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  1. Rhonda this is amazing! I love your blog and you have been my inspiration to start collecting american girl dolls and to start my youtube channel.

    This outfit is amazing and I think that Kanani looks BEAUTIFUL in it! I am thinking if i should get Grace Thomas or Maryellen as a second doll. What do you think? Could you do a review of both? I was also thinking if I should get Graces city outfit.

    I am working on a DIY seaside dinner inspired by your blog. Would you mind if when i finished it i did a video on it? I am asking because i also used some of the printables from your blog.Thanks!
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