Saturday, September 19, 2015

*Opening* MyAG 2-in-1 Track Outfit

Shosy was so nice to gift me with this MyAG set. I appreciate it so much, it really is cute.

I love the color combo!

 Eeek! Tennies!!! So cute!

Sissy looks ready to go!

The jacket is versatile and can be worn with other things too. I love it, this outfit is so well made.

Thank you Shosy!!!!


  1. I love that outfit and it looks great on Sissy.

  2. That's so cute! I wish it was still available. :)

  3. Love the pink and green! Madelon

  4. Very cute outfit :) I recieved a coupon from AG for 20% off good trough tomorrow and I won't be using it , you have to purchase $100 or more ! Maybe someone can use it it's SUPC4681396550

  5. Such a cute outfit!! :D Although, I really don't understand why it's called 2-in-1. I mean, just because there's a jacket doesn't mean it's two outfits.... Nevertheless: adorable!! :D

  6. So glad you like it Rhonda - Sissy looks like she is ready for a real workout in it too! Love the colors - take care ^_^.