Friday, September 4, 2015

*Review* OG Retro - A Real Cool Cat


A look at OG's "A Real Cool Cat".

 It comes with a headband, not shown.

 The tie on the blouse is a great retro touch. Playful pants pattern on the pedal pushers!

She moves easily in it!

I'm liking the look, but wonder if the shoes are right.


  1. Shoes should be black and white sneakers for the 59s

    1. I agree. The shoes look like Keds, which were correct for the 50's, but I'm also wondering about the color.


  2. The shoes should be black and white tennis shoes, or all white boat style shoes or regular old fashion tennis shoes not high top. Also just plain white flats shoes would work. Diana

  3. OK guys. I grew up in the 50s. I always wore white US Keds tennis shoes. My mother would wash and polish them with white shoe polish. Since Maryellen's arrival I have been trying to recall the clothes I wore then. I never owned flats as a kid. I recall summer shoes as white tennis shoes and flip flops. I also remember having a pair of pin striiped tennis shoes similar to Maryellen's meet dress but I believe i was a little older when I got them.