Thursday, September 3, 2015

*Reader Photos* Beautiful AGP Birthday

Carly's 11th Birthday and Maryellen's release came at the same time, so what better way to celebrate a girl's birthday then at the Atlanta AG Bistro and store.

I made the matching outfits since we attended Maryellen's event on Saturday.

We took pixs with all the different backdrops at the store, here is Grace.

Working on Maryellen's craft, so concentrated.

All done with the girl's glasses.

At the Bistro they give the Birthday Girl a crown and one for the doll.

She received goodies from Kay who has known Carly since she was little and has been her Personal Shopper.

Kay and Carly are BFFs, here is Maryellen's backdrop.

What a fun day for the Birthday Girl, this backdrop is special for the employees at the Atlanta store.


  1. Nice event, Diana! Can you tell us how you made the poodles on the two skirts? You are very talented. Madelon

    1. Hi Madelon, the poodle is the easy part, it is an appliqué that is sold at Joann Fabric, Michael and Walmart. The tricky part is finding the same poodle in both small and big sizes. I happened to have the small one in my batch of sewing things and happened to find the same one in big at Joann Fabric. I added the pompom to the tail to both to give it an extra touch. They are both iron on appliqué. I had the doll pattern. I matched how the leach was on both skirt so they would look the same. Hope this helps Diana

  2. What a special birthday treat; Carly is one lucky girl! Love the matching poodle skirt outfits you made; both look so adorable in them. Happy Birthday Carly!

  3. Diana, what fun! Carly and her doll look darling in your outfits! You are so creative! You've inspired me to try to make a poodle skirt outfit. Could you please share what type of fabric you used and if the poodle is an embroidery machine pattern, could you please share which one? Happy Birthday, Carly! And thank you, Diana!

  4. Looks like you had a very Happy Birthday Carly!!! Love you and your doll's matching skirts!!!

  5. The fabric used for both the doll and the girl skirt is the light pink felt material 72" wide sold by the yard. The poodles are iron on appliqué sold at Joann Fabric, Walmart and Michaels. The trim used for the dog leach is just a nice silver trim found at Joann or Walmart. The girl's skirt takes a 7" zipper, the doll skirt is Velcro. If you have an embroidery machine you can embroider the poodle if you have the design. I found it easier getting the appliqué. Diana

  6. Thank you so much for inspiring me and for answering my questions, Diana! I always enjoy your posts! Rhonda, thank you so much for your blog!! I LOVE it!!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday and what a Beautiful American Girl Doll You are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Looks like an awesome party! Happy belated birthday!