Sunday, September 6, 2015

*Readers Photos* Girls About Town - Target Doll Ear Piercing

Our new OG Doll was a little nervous about getting her ears pierced. We brought her sister Maryellen to help calm her down. Maryellen got hers done already. Daddy had to help the ladies at Target learn how to use their tool. They were too nervous.

 Hope Faith named her new OG doll, Hope Faith because their hair texture is very close to the same. Look at the pretty earrings. Target had this pretty hair-bow to go with Maryellen colors so we grabbed it for Hope Faith to wear. While at Target we were blessed to find a skirt that matched Maryellen colors too. Target rocks!!!!!!!

We were able to do lots of crafts.

Before the American Girl Fashion Show auditions we met a miracle baby named Gabby. Who now wants us to get hearing aids for Maryellen on our next visit. Only $14.00 for both ears. 


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  1. This was such a special day for Hope meeting new Friends from all ealks of life. This day meeting a beautiful girl not much bigger then Her but to find out She was 14 years old. She learned about what it is like to be born without the gift of hear from one Little Princess and how God bless the world through technology with hearing aids.