Sunday, September 6, 2015

*Reader Photos* Back to School - Show N Share

So in honor of school and all my former students, I dressed up my dolls. My favorite is my older Addy. Which dolls are you dressing up for school?

I loved Addy in her summer outfit, but it is time for her to go back to class with the others.

All the Historical dolls are ready for back to school. I used Samantha's 1904 setting. The dolls are having a Show N Tell. Kaya was the big winner!

 In honor of Raggedy Ann turning 100 this year, I pretended that Kit got her out if the attic and gave her a good dusting. 

My dolls wish everyone a happy and safe school year. Schools now call Show N Tell, Show N Share.  Don't forget to Show N Share your dolls.
Best to you and your dolls,


  1. This is Fabulous. I just love every single detail. Thank you so for sharing.

    1. Thanks Maxine. I have always loved this time of year and I get a kick out of treating it like the holidays by putting my dolls on display. I just wish AG would make more scenes for the Beforever line when it comes to indoor settings and backdrops. They are so much fun and very detailed.