Monday, August 31, 2015

*Review* Opening Maryellen's Accessories

I bought these along with the AZ doll.

It's a four piece set: pearl choker, pearl bracelet, wrist length gloves and a knitted purse to match her cardigan.

Both the pearl choker and bracelet are stretchy, the necklace has a clasp closure.

The nylon gloves have small white bows on the outer wrist and are trimmed in white lace.

The aqua cable knit bag matches her cardigan and ribbon detailing of her dress. It does not have a clasp. The plastic white handles slide onto her fingers, but the purse will not stay up on her hand if it has things inside.

The gloves and jewelry can go with other outfits. At $24 it seems a bit over priced. I was surprised that her hairstyling curler set was $20. I think the prices should have been reversed. You do get a small discount when buying the doll with accessories however.

*Opening Video*


  1. WAUW Just love this opening, just wish we had AG over here in the Netherlands (Europe) but thats why I love seeing you're blog and others.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. I think that they should have made the $16 crinoline be part of her accessories. That makes more sense to me than the gloves. Madelon

  3. Put a tiny piece of Velcro along the inside of the plastic purse handle and that will make it stay shut...

  4. Neat accessory pack! The necklace and bracelet look similar to those from the Junior Bridesmaid Outfit (AG 2002 - 2004). I'm glad the bracelet is stretchy instead of with a clasp.

    The idea of velcro could work to keep it closed. I was thinking you could also use a bit to keep it in her hand, but that would leave pull marks on the gloves. :(

    Completely agree that the crinoline would have been a good addition to the accessories set and would make the price more fitting.

    Thank you for the great review.