Monday, August 31, 2015

*Review* Opening BeForever Maryellen Larkin

LONG story why there are TWO Maryellen dolls here!
Shosy, who went to the Grand Opening of AGP Scottsdale, AZ, asked me if she could pick something up for me while at the store. I thought that as so nice of her to offer and I asked for Maryellen and her accessories. After the exchange, Shosy got me a doll when she picked up her Maryellen. She shipped her immediately on Saturday with tracking info confirming Monday delivery.

Maryellen got lost in the mail, was re routed to Bell Gardens, CA then disappeared completely from USPS system. Wednesday there was still no trace of her. The USPS Manager said she was in a container with 7000 pieces of mail and she could be lost. Without updated activity he said it could take 21-30 days before she "popped" back up on radar. *sigh*

Both Shosy and I were so disappointed. 

I had told a few of my AG doll friends that Maryellen would be arriving Monday and I couldn't wait to get her! When they saw no updates, they asked where she was. Diana who went to the Maryellen launch at AGP Atlanta, offered to pick up another Maryellen for me! That's two wonderful AG friends who really wanted to help me out!

She picked up Maryellen #2 when she bought hers then shipped her immediately out of GA on Thursday with confirmation of Saturday delivery. 

Would you believe they BOTH ARRIVED on the SAME DAY!?!?!?!

I'm not going to say which one of the dolls I decided to keep, but her she is and Maryellen is a beauty!   

I love her coloring and peach lips. She has hazel eyes with a hint of olive green. The little cardigan is monogrammed.

Her hair is strawberry blond and a little darker than Nellie. In the sunlight it's more red. Her hair is very bouncy and the curl is gorgeous. The bangs are cut true to her story, because Maryellen cuts her own bangs. The top piece is intentional.

 Her dresses will require a crinoline to get that poofy '50s.  Full skirts were all that the girls wore.

She has basic plain white panties, no ruffles.

There was rumor that she didn't have neck strings, but she does.

She wears little T-strap black flats. No socks.....but I can fix that.

Diana included in the GA box, giveaways from the launch. This is included: Girls/dolls glasses + stickers, a book mark, and the pretty hair bow that matches her poodle skirt blouse.

She really is adorable! I want to thank Shosy and Diana for their efforts in making this possible for me to get Maryellen right away.


  1. Glad you got her! what do you think of her skin color?it is a little more tan then the blondes I think she should have had freckles what do you think and sox girls in the 50s wore sox

    1. Her skin tone is pretty and a bit more tan than the other blondes. Her blush and lip tone are more vibrant, but not too dark. She has a fresher look like Grace.

  2. I am so happy to see she arrived in perfect condition, I had to get creative in getting a package for her that would not increase the weight for shipping. I love, not only the skin color but the skin texture, the vinyl has more of a matt look then the old shiny look. I think Grace and Maryellen are going to be my all time favorite dolls. I had her ears pierced and put the pearl earrings that come in the birthday gem collection of the earring sets and she looks fantastic with her pearl necklace and bracelet. Have fun playing with her. Diana

  3. Congrats! My Maryellen doll has not shipped yet. ;( She's a beautiful doll! Will you be giving the other one away? Again, Congratulations! :D

  4. ME is such a cutie! So glad that you're happy with her and I'm looking forward to seeing her in future posts here.

  5. Congrats on your beautiful new Mary Ellen doll! Good news travels in three.

  6. Wow, that is crazy Rhonda! Maryellen is so cute? Have you read her stories yet? I am thinking of getting her. Do you recommend her?
    ~The OurAGDollhouse Team

    1. I have not read her stories yet. I recommend Maryellen absolutely, she is beautiful and has a FUN collection!

  7. I am so glad that this worked out for you! Maryellen is a great doll.I highly recommend her. Madelon

  8. Congratulations on adding Maryellen to your collection/family! She's lovely.

    The part about her cutting her own bangs made me laugh - I did that once or twice when I was little. Ended up with those super short 1 inch bangs to straighten out the mess I made. So I guess she's lucky to only have a lock out of place. :)

    Hmmm, the tan is kind of appropriate since she lives in Florida. I just don't remember any of my strawberry blonde friends ever tanning. I have a friend with dark red hair that tanned without burning.

    Congratulations, again! I look forward to seeing her in future posts.

  9. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Hey Rhonda,

    Since The Lone Ranger is ME's fave show, you should go to Ebay, and get her a Hallmark lunchbox Lone Ranger ornament. Rubber eraser food fits in those nicely, and it has a thermos!