Saturday, August 8, 2015

*Review* OG It Seams Perfect!


Our Generation "It Seams Perfect!" set
Emily finds the new set which is $29.99 at Target 

A closer look and there it is a pattern to make a real doll dress and it comes with enough fabric.

The set out of the box.  The Dress form comes in two pieces, but it pops together and is very sturdy.  It looks to be the size for an 18" doll.  It is all hard plastic.

Isabelle takes over, she is the seamstress in the family.

Isabelle tests the chair fit and how easily she can get comfortable, The whole set is plastic.

 Isabelle can reach the sewing machine and starts trying it out, the handle makes the needle go up and down.

Emily wants to help, she can cut out the pattern. The scissors are bigger then previous sets and they open and close.

Combining the previous OG sewing set and this one, Isabelle has plenty of sewing items.  Notice the older machine can fit the table, it is exactly like the newer set except for the color.

A closer look at all the pieces together.

Over all this is set is very nice and I do not think it will last on the shelf long enough to be a sale item.  They only thing I would have liked for it to have is the table drawers to open and for the table to be a sturdy/heavy plastic.

Love this set.


  1. WOW!!! I have been looking for this set! Hope they have it here soon!!!! The pattern is a real bonus!

  2. Would love to get this! Madelon

  3. Need this for my Isabelle!!!

  4. I love this set. I can not wait to find it. It is not yet at Houston, Cypresswood Store. Not at Memorial City Mall Target or 249 and Spring Cypress area Taget as of Friday afternoon. If someone see it in Houston, Texas please post on here. I am looking to add this set.

  5. Really like this set- haven't seen it yet around here. I like the color of this machine better as it looks more realistic, also like that it has a table and chair and that the old machine fits too. So cool that an actual pattern and material for it are included. Glad you found it and thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Our Generation is really blowing my mind with all their awesome releases! I just wish my local Target would get with the program and stock these items!
    I searched all last year for the older OG sewing set for my Isabelle.