Tuesday, August 11, 2015

*Review* Journey Girl Lounge Set

Here is a quick review of the Journey Girl Lounge Set.
The JG Lounge set was a must have set especially with the 20% off sale.

As it comes out of the box. All the pieces are wooden.

The cushions are purple and the foam inside is thick.

The set was very easy to put together and can be used as a living room set or as you see it here as complimentary furniture in a bedroom set. 

Look at the scene closer, here we also see the JG Tower which works nicely with the AG bed and side table.  Emily is wearing the JG PJs and they fit nicely. The JG Tower comes assembled, nothing needs to be done to it.

Here is a closer look at Mikaella on the new lounge set which can serve as an additional sleepover bed. The side table is included as part of the Tower set.  Mikaella is also wearing one of the new JG PJs sets.

All these furniture pieces work very well together in forming various play scenes.  The different types of dolls come together very well and these girls had a terrific sleepover. The JG lounge set is priced right and is high quality for long life play.



  1. Thank you for this review. Wow, all wooden! That's amazing. I really might just have to get this now...


  2. Seems I need to make a stop at Toys R Us at some point. LOL Great lounge set!

  3. How well does this set work well size wise for Ellowyne Wilde dolls? I haven't seen this at my nearest TRU to check for myself. Please, if anyone has both an E.W. doll and this lounge set, post a reply and let me know. I would appreciate it.