Tuesday, August 11, 2015

*REVIEW* Mix n Match for Fun!


With all the new accessories and outfits here is a "Mix n Match to have fun".

Going back into the 70s style both AG and OG have plenty to offer.  I love adding to Julie's collection. Here she is wearing one of my favorite OG new released outfit because it has the famous penny loafers, which were worn so much in the 70s. This outfit is on the mark for what was worn in the 70s. Her friend Annie is ready for the music concert in her AG maxi outfit with accessories from OG.  The accessories go very well with this look.

Here the girls are showing off the look without wearing the sunglasses. This was known as the "Peace n Love" era.

Now for our fashionistas who love shopping.  Grace is wearing the "fashion Show" knit cap, flare sleeve top and white skirt recently on AG website sale.  These are items created exclusively for AG Fashion Shows.  Grace borrowed the purse from the JG outfit and shoes are from an OG outfit.  Lena is wearing the outfit from JG just released for the Fall in the Italy collection. Her bracelet is from an OG outfit.

The JG Kitty was too cute!  She comes with her bowl, brush and leach.  A cat with a leach?

As the girls get together they each have their personal styles and activities. Here they are sharing their stories.

Sarah loves to go Bird watching. She is wearing the new AG outfit with shoes from Springfield. Her accessories are a mix of the OG bird watching set and the JG backpack.  The colors all go so well together.

Nellie is training her JG kitty cat to walk on the leach. She is wearing the new released AG outfit that is on sale for back to school.  I love the boots that come with this outfit.

Emily could not wait to going skating in this 70s style outfit. How this brings back memories, those rompers were a must have for girls in the 70s, although the skates are more the late 70s, early 80s style.  This is new from the OG collection and one of my favorite with neon colors, very well made.

Anna had to get in one more time at the pool before summer is out. Here she wears the OG swimsuit and new accessories.  Love these accessories with the mini bucket, shovel, mini frisbee, the sunglasses, a strap for the sunglasses and the inflatable ring.

So much fun putting these selections together.



  1. Looks good. Is the JG backpack a new release? Madelon

  2. Hi Madelon, yes the JG backpack is new at Toy R US for the Italy collection. I think they did it to go with the classroom set that is also new. Diana

  3. I twice bought the O G Roller Disco outfit and had to return it both times as the bottom of the sleeves would not go over the hand of my A G and O G dolls. I called O G and they said there is supposed to be elastic in the sleeves of the jacket. There was not. Does yours fit A G dolls?

    1. Linda, it was not easy but yes the right hand was very hard but it finally went through, the left hand had no problem. Diana

  4. Great post!

    Diana, my first for cats (rest their souls) were harnessed trained and each had a leash for trips outside. Now only 2 take to the harness well.