Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Look Disney Cinderella

I went looking for the new 18" Cinderella at TRU. The New Look Disney Cinderella is finally at the store for $49.99.

A close up of her face.  

Her eyes are shaped very nice. Love her curls.

Back of box.

Cinderella's body if all plastic and thinner than the Journey Girls at 18 inches tall.  I like her face and is much prettier then the other Princess and Me dolls. Her price is high at $49.99.



  1. I enjoyed the new Cinderella movie! (I only wish the outfits were more modest.) Ella looks gorgeous! I have never seen an 18 inch Cinderella doll, so I'll be on a look out at my Toys R Us.

  2. Our first 18inch doll was a Princess and Me Cinderella doll. My daughter would probably totally want this, but we already have the 1st edition P&M Cindrella. But I love that dress. I love her brown eyes too. It is tempting to call Jakks Pacific and see if they can sell it separately. Their customer service is the best. If you need new shoes or earring for your dolls, just call and ask. They will send it to you! And if your dresses get too frayed and old, just call and ask for a new one. They will send that in the mail too!