Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where's Willow? Lexington, VA (Day 4)

Jenna and Willow with the R. E. Lee Chapel in the background.

Today we took a trip to visit Washington & Lee University and the Robert E Lee Chapel. Willow got to learn some history about Robert E Lee and his contributions to W&L University and the city of Lexington and some interesting facts about his family and the family of George Washington! 

 Jenna and Willow with Washington & Lee University in the background. 

  The site where Robert E Lee's horse, Traveller is buried.

After touring the Chapel we went to visit Stonewall Jackson's gravesite. 

 Stonewall Jackson's family plot. 

Willow got a quick lesson about his family and why visitors toss lemons into his family plot... Stonewall Jackson was an avid fan of lemons and always kept some with him, even while he was in a battle..... To show tribute to him, some visitors toss him some lemons when they stop by. 

Willow is borrowing this bed while she's visiting.....but our cat Drive-in decided to try it out!


  1. James Graham Leyburn Library at Washington and Lee University

    On May 28, 1994, the main library building was named in memory of James Graham Leyburn (1902-1993).

    James G. Leyburn was a distinguished teacher, scholar, administrator, churchman, author, and mentor to generations of students at Washington and Lee University. A graduate of Trinity College (Duke), Princeton, and Yale Universities, Dr. Leyburn came to W&L from Yale in 1947 as Dean of the University. As Dean, he led the university to national prominence. In 1956 he turned to full-time teaching as head of the Department of Sociology. He taught with legendary energy and passion until his retirement in 1972.

    Dr. Leyburn was a member of my church, Falling Waters Presbyterian and served as its organist, choir director and Adult Sunday School teacher from 1972 until his death in 1993.


  2. Such beautiful and historical grounds! Willow looks like she is having such a great time with her little host fam - while continuing to entertain and educate the rest of us ^_^!

  3. Great trip. Love that big door and ivy covered walls.