Thursday, July 9, 2015

WeGirls of the World - Just Like You Dolls (Poland)

Poland has their own Just Like You dolls! Launched in February 2014. They are so cute and have some great accessories.


Honorable mention in the category entertainment/toys for children aged 7-12 years old, in the 13th edition of the competition world of baby friendly.

 WeGirls is more than beautiful dolls, meaningful books, cool fashion and attractive games.

Our dolls are BEST FRIENDS.
 They have personality, they come to life in our books, they are the stories’ leading characters. They wear glasses, have freckles, and are just like real-life girls – casual and natural. Recurring themes in the world of WeGirls are respect for other people, care for others and care for nature, and an interest in culture – an approach to life full of involvement and hope. Self-confidence and an openness for change. Tolerance for what’s different, acceptance of diversity. The skill of assessing matters critically, and a conviction of one’s own impact on the world around.

We believe that you can shape yourself and the world you live in, and WeGirls is a way to say this and to show it to girls. The world of WeGirls was specially created for them – in order to inspire!

We are forming an active community of girls, of Best friends, around WeGirls. The Girls of the World Club, established by the fictional characters in the first book, will bring together Best friends throughout Poland and, in time, in other countries as well. Just like the girls in the WeGirls books, they care about animals and the environment, and in the future local Girls of the World Clubs will carry out campaigns we have initiated. We’ll encourage girls to set themselves new tasks, the inspiration for which will be successive adventure-detective stories in the “Girls of the World Club” series.


These images are from WeGirl's Facebook page!



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Nonna! Yes, they are 18in but they are thinner than American dolls since their body is made of vinyl and not fabric. They can share clothes and shoes with the Gotz dolls Hannah or Classic and Happy Kids.

  2. Will ag/og clothes fit them and their clothes fit ag/og dolls.seen some cute items ..

  3. They look like fun additions. Madelon

  4. Wow! Expensive items!