Thursday, July 9, 2015

HTM - Disney Mouse Ears for 18" Dolls


  • Black felt cut two strips - 10″ x  .75″
  • Stiff black felt cut two strips - 2.5″ x  .5″ and four circles 1.75″ dia.
  • Thread in black and to match your bow
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon or fabric for the bow
  • 1/4″ elastic – cut a 3″ piece

  1. Fold one strip of soft black felt in half lengthwise.  Mark the center with a pin.  Open strip up and with small scissors carefully cut a .5″ slit in felt 1.25″ from the center point. Do this on each side of center point.  This is where the ears will sit on the headband.
  2. Split the stiffened felt strips halfway to center lengthwise.
  3. Cut circles to make flat bottoms.
  4. Insert stiff felt strips into the slits cut in the soft felt.  Fold the split pieces, one to the front, one to the back.
  5. Pin the second soft strip to the first, catching the split pieces in between the layers. Stitch along both sides of strips to create headband.  Trim pieces.
  6. Fold larger fabric scrap in half, right sides together.  Stitch as seen in the picture below. Trim corners and turn right side out.  Iron flat, tucking under the open edges.  Stitch smaller scrap along long edge, right sides together and turn right side out to create a tube for the middle of bow.   Iron flat and topstitch (optional) 
  7. Carefully using hot glue gun, pinch center of bow slightly and glue center strip around the middle.  I adhered the glue to the back of the bow and pressed the center strip down one at a time, glueing between both.  I applied No Fray liquid to the ends to prevent fraying.  Hot glue would do the same thing, I think.
  8. Slip elastic ends into the headband about .25″ and sew to create a headband. Sew across the elastic two or three times to give added strength.
  9. Time to glue the ears to the headband.  Carefully glue two ear pieces together over the strip on the headband.  Make sure to put glue on the strip and along ear bottom to adhere it to headband.  Hold the headband and ears in place for about a minute to be sure they are on good.  No worries if glue gets on soft felt, it can be gently cut away without damage.  Try to avoid it  if you can, though.
  10. Apply glue top the bottom of bow center and a little bit beyond.  Attach bow to headband centering between the ears. Hold in place until set.

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