Sunday, July 19, 2015

*Review* OG - Street Fair Accessories Set

The Our Generation Street Fair includes: 1 bag, 1 rubber ball, 10 jacks, 1 jump rope, 1 ball and paddle, 1 chalk box and 4 pieces of chalk.  

 This is a really cute set.  A child can actually play jacks with this set.  

 The dolls cannot actually hold items. I have them taped to their hands.

The chalk is not real and doesn't write.  


  1. Cute set! My dolls would enjoy this set and the grands would too!

  2. This set is on point with all the items perfect for a street fair. The jacks alone are adorable and very sweet. I love the authenticity of the ball and the colors used. The ball attached to the paddle and chalk are simply too cute, perfect for modern AGs and <1930 historical dolls. Great find!

  3. Love this set. Will look for it too.