Sunday, July 19, 2015

*Review* OG - A Bucket of Fun

 This Our Generation set is called:  A Bucket Of Fun.  

  It comes with an inflatable donut, a bucket, a shovel, a pair of sunglasses, a strap for sunglasses and a Frisbee. So cute! 

 Saige is going to have to go to another part of the beach that has
more sand!

Saige is wearing a Springfield bathing suit.  The background is


  1. Saige looks really good in that suit. Thanks for sharing about these new sets; I like them all!

  2. I will keep an eye out at my Target. Madelon

  3. I saw this at target yesterday! I thought it was cute and I was going to get it, but summer is almost over and my doll needs a school lunch box.

  4. I just picked up this one today. It seemed the accessory sets had sunglasses. The ones in the Flora Dora set were the same as the Green Thumb with different lens color. I had four different sets lined up and had to choose. Chose this one since we are headed to Ocracoke soon, but will keep my eye out for Green Thumb again and Flor Dora too.

  5. I love that soooo much! I have to keep an eye out for it! My store doesn't have it neither does the Target site! Really cute!