Wednesday, July 22, 2015

*Review* OG Green Thumb Accessory Set


This is the $6.99 Our Generation set, Green Thumb.

It comes with 1 apron, 1 paper windmill, 1 hand spade, 1 hand rake and a pair of flower sunglasses.

The windmill marks your garden when placed in the soil!


  1. I finally found this set! I am so happy. It will be another week before I can open it and the Way to Grow sets (

  2. This set is so versatile. The spade and rake could double as beach toys, and the sunglasses would be perfect with a 60's Mod outfit. The windmill would be cute in any outdoor play scene; and in a pinch, you've got an extra kitchen apron when other dolly friends join in baking. I looked for this set as well as the others at the two Targets near me. No luck. If I ever find them I'll pick them up. Enjoy your set Linda!

  3. I agree this is a great set. OG makes wonderful, creative accessories. Madelon