Wednesday, July 22, 2015

*Review* My Life As...Tennis Star

This is a cute 7-piece outfit, the skirt attaches to the dress. It comes with matching panties, a tennis racket and ball, pair of socks and a visor.

The dress is stretchy so it fits AG well.

The visor has stretch as well and was very easy to put on and stay on.

Both the racket and lime green tennis ball are hard plastic. The racket fits perfectly in doll hands. As long as you position the racket in a "serve" position, it will stay on by itself. Otherwise you will need a rubber band to help hold it on when in a mid level or down position.

The outfit does not include shoes, My Life As...does sell plastic rubbery tennis shoes, but I opted for these canvas shoes instead.

 I love this outfit and at $9.99 it's affordable cuteness.


  1. Awwwww your doll looks so cute in this! Did you decide want her name was?

  2. I have two of the same outfits in purple. Think I'll have to get the pink so we can have a doubles match!! The back of the racket has a hard black plastic strap that helps hold the racket on the doll's hand. The racket alone is worth the price!

  3. We have this outfit and really like it. I agree that the shoes need improvement. Madelon

  4. I have that outfit for my dolls! I love it!-Ashley