Thursday, July 23, 2015

*Review* OG Dream On Outfit

OK I really really love this outfit!!

Chavonne looks terrific in this OG outfit. The slimmer body dolls can wear OG clothes too and in my opinion, OG and JG have the most similar bodies.

It sooooooo seventies and I seriously wore styles like this. I had corduroy pants and what they called "earth shoes" and graphic tees. Only my tees had Elvis iron-ons LOL!

The outfit looks cute with or without the red windbreaker vest.

I matched it with the MyAG boots and it looks "right on".



  1. I have been looking for this in my Targets-no luck yet. So cute! Madelon

  2. I had that T in real life. I wore it until it didn't fit/fell apart. I SO want this outfit.

  3. Can you do a comparison on the our generation sneakers you show in the video and the similar hobby lobby ones.

  4. dear rhonda! thank you for this review. I have been thinking to get a JG doll on ebay but I live in a place where they are unavailable so I have to order from the US. problem is I doubt many brands would fit JG dolls so I wonder if dollie and me /madame alexander clothes fit them? could you maybe try it out and post a few pics? it would be nice to see dollie and me wearing JG clothes and vise versa


    1. Hi Katie,
      The AG, OG, Madame Alexander/Dollie Me and My Life are about the same size. JG can wear theyre clothing, I do not own any Dollie Me clothing. The length will always be the same, adjustments can be made using belts if need be.

    2. I hate auto correct - it's not ALWAYS correct! They're = their. Sorry!

  5. My shirt with the rainbow on it was yellow and the rainbow sparkled! However, my favorite graphic tee shirt of the time was orange with Donny and Marie on it. I still have it! Love it!

  6. OMW, I love this outfit. Chavonne is such a gorgeous doll! :)

  7. They were being sold at my local Target for $3.99 US, I snatched up this one and two others from the OG Retro line. Super cute!!!