Thursday, July 23, 2015

*Review* Journey Girl - Chavonne

I get asked why I mostly have AG dolls, why my collection changes yearly and whether I like other dolls. Good questions!

Yes! I like other dolls besides AG. There is a WIDE selection within the AG brand = more dolls to choose from to collect.

As a blogger, I am constantly reviewing and presenting doll products to help readers determine their own purchases. My collection "updates" as new dolls or different dolls become available. 

Also I try to fill gaps within my collection and may decide to move things around a bit.

Here is Journey Girl Chavonne $40 at TRU. 
I have owned other JG dolls before :
Kyla (Bianca)

Chavonne comes dressed in a black/ white striped t-shirt, a cropped denim vest, red skinny jeans and black flats.

She has a black stretch headband too.

JG dolls have an upper chest plate and as a result they are slimmer than AG dolls.

Her head pivots which is a bonus! Great for photos at different angles. I love her caramel skin tone.

Look at those eyes! 
Her acrylic eyes do not close, but they are framed with upper lashes and feathered brows. She has beautiful plum color blushing and lip color.

Her limbs are tight and thinner than AG, Mme Alex, and My Life dolls.

Both her hands and feet are very detailed. 

She is a very sturdy doll and I love her overall look, especially her rooted hair. Its EASY to manage and the fullness is impressive for a $40 doll.

She is wearing a dress I made for Julie. She can wear both AG, OG and My Life As.....clothes and I have found that she looks similar in size when her clothing is layered with accessories. Boots help thicken her legs too.

Belts can help with loose fitting clothing. Bright colors look wonderful on her because they don't wash her out.

I recommend Chavonne, she is a very good quality doll for the price and makes a great starter doll or a sibling or BFF to a doll within your collection. Her features are beautiful and she can wear clothes from many brands.


  1. Her face and eyes are absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. I updated my "my doll Friday" segment on my Chavonne (aka Brooklyn) to include a link to your review! It's here:

    I LOVE her eyes! I'm also a fan of the older JG face sculpt. JG's are a good value doll that withstands play well. An elastic band (fabric, not rubber) also helps with the pants not falling down since they're skinnier.

  3. She is a very beautiful doll, and Chavonne is such a pretty name! I absolutely love her hair. Congrats :)