Monday, July 6, 2015

*Review* Anne of Green Gables Outfit - Maplelea

 Jennifer has a review for us.

I purchased the Anne of Green Gables outfit. The dress is made of substantial very thick cotton fabric. 

It is a bit long in the arms on Nellie O'Malley.  

Corduroy jumper has the same plastic snaps as the dress.

Maplelea bloomers left are thinner and longer than AG bloomers. Maplelea bloomers snap and American Girl uses elastic. Different but both are great quality. 

My Nellie can normally stand on her own, but the heal on the boots prevents this. Maplelea boots are much longer and also a bit narrower.

Materials are quite comparable, the one thing I would say American Girl does better though are the details. The buttons on the American Girl boots are actually a metal button. Maplelea boot buttons are embroidered. As you can see the Velcro on the Maplelea boot is on the side rather than the back. 

I do love the carpet bag. I may use it to create a Mary Poppins outfit in the future.

It comes with a very nice journal page if you had the Maplelea doll. They sort of remind me of Girl Scout journey books.


  1. Wow, this has changed a bit since I got it. Mine has metal snaps, the boots open on the button side with snaps (under metal buttons), and my doll has no problem standing (but it is a Maplelea doll, and that could be the difference). I bought mine in 2011 or 2012.

  2. Lovely outfit. Helpful review! Madelon

  3. Thank you for this review, Jennifer. I have this outfit and just love it. However, I bought mine about a year ago and, as another reader comments, my outfit also has metal snaps on both pieces of the clothing and boots that open on the button side with snaps under metal buttons. Everything is very well made.
    Nellie looks very cute in this outfit!