Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lydia's Room Reveal - TOUR

Georgian design, which was characterized by an adherence to theories of order, symmetry, and proportion and represented a significant departure from earlier English decorative traditions. The first buildings in the colonies had irregular facades and were essentially postmedieval structures. These small houses often consisted of two simple rooms. The decoration of these rooms reflected the skill of the housewright, who embellished his labor—the house's primary structural timbers—with basic woodworking tools.

Lydia has a large working kitchen with a prep table she can dine at as well.

Her armoire holds her hat, slippers and accessories.

  With the close of the American Revolution, the Georgian period ended, but its impact on design did not. 

I found through much research that blue was a very popular color to paint the trim, doors and a room's paneled dado.


  1. I love the room you've made for her Rhonda; and all the period appropriate items too. Lydia looks very proud of her new home, and she has good reason to!

  2. How lovely!!!!!

  3. Love her home and all the details!!!